Welcome to Accounting

Bereta Accounting provides accounting and bookkeeping outsource services for corporations allowing senior management and owners sufficient time to channel their energy on business growth. We provide access to accounting & bookkeeping services at a cost-effective rate.

Bereta Accounting takes away the grunt work and allows you to focus on the strategic role. You can take advantage of our services into a fully staffed, full-time accounting and bookkeeping Serbian team that is always there when you are.

Our clients save a lot of money, as well as soft costs like spending the shortest time possible on accounting & bookkeeping.

Financial accounting services

Our financial accounting services include statutory financial accounting, VAT return compilation and preparation of financial statements. Outsourcing the financial accounting function can be done in whole or in part and is carried out with exactly the right combination of human resources and technology to serve you most effectively.

Payroll services

Our payroll team can provide you with several services in this area, including payroll for all your employees and associates. We pick up where your HR process ends and continues with net salary payments to employee accounts and filing all necessary payroll-related paperwork.

Management reporting services

Our management reporting services are designed to help you extract the most information possible from your company's accounting. We can assist you with a periodic analysis of your performance and can help you improve your internal processes and procedures.

Administrative support services

We provide a wide range of administrative support services, including the processing of payment orders, preparation of travel expense claims, statistical reporting, invoice preparation, corporate secretarial services and intermediary services.